Monday Telepathic Writing Salon: Navigating Life 19OKT

Energy Maturity writing towards Your New Relationship With Energy: Flow and Time. Start 19 Oktober.

Are you ready to see where your energy really wants to be?

To feel truly fulfilled?

Are you ready to experience Flow in every aspect of your life?

And develop a new relationship with Time?

Develop Telepathic Writing to create an intimate relationship with your energy

*this series is part of the Telepathy Lab and the Telepathic Writing Salon

About Telepathic Writing

The Monday Telepathic Writing Salon: Navigating Life

6 Weekly gatherings on Zoom start Monday 19 Oktober 20.30-22.15 uur dutch time and 12 Pm Hawaii time, 3 PST, 6 EST in English

  • weekly a short audio file meditation
  • small intimate group, live sessions
  • short spurts of writing alternating with breathing
  • Individual 30 min session with Christel
  • Total costs: 185 $

We write for short spurts in which you allow yourself to deeply open inside of you. So it is a writing INTO yourself, into MORE of yourself. So it is not about connecting to a far away solarsystem, or a holy being. Instead it is about the gritty stuff of YOU!

  • EXPERIENCE yourself outside linear time, and write from unexpected but very REAL parts of you
  • WRITE from beyond space and time, cry, laugh, and feel uplifted from the truth of it
  • DEVELOP YOUR SENSES in a whole new way, wrap yourself in beauty, break out of your old self,
  • MEET the poet, the artist, the wise one, your future self, your laughter, your passion and many more!
  • RELEASE all doubts, blame and limitations and embrace your Telepathic Abilities!
  • LOVE being intimate with yourself, as a foundation to be truly intimate with others.

This series is for Grounded curious open-minded people ready to explore new thinking and creative potential. Newbies and seasoned telepaths welcome! No writing experience necessary. English and Dutch.
The most powerful thing about writing from this vulnerable place is that you will be able to share it. Once you've written it, we speak it aloud in the safe space to make your words come alive and deeper layers of meaning will reveal itself.
The always-supporting feedback of the others is incredibly valuable.
Especially in these times of uncertainty, telepathic writing is a great way to make sense of the current events and open up to new potentials. Sometimes It is like you receive messages from your future self
Sometimes, you get bursts of insight and inspiration. But most of all, your intuition will speak to you more and you will have new tools to navigate life.


"Beautiful themes came along for me. Especially finding your own "space" where you are completely okay, in full force and in full knowingness. Also realizing what you fragment energy to, victimization, and what you hold on to. I have regained confidence, drawing strength from simplicity. I also wanted to organize things, listen to music, make things. I never thought at the end of the course would have such peace and knowingness. It is amazing how the writing has helped me"

"It feels like I have arrived at an important crossroad, I can't just keep going the old way but it really requires a new way. As if I perceive much more as if I have new gained senses. It is also a gathering point where I bring in all kinds of experiences from my life that were or are now of value. The writing has become such a valuable tool. There are overviews and insights. It is as if I am now at a point where I have a breathtaking number of possibilities. I only have to make a small movement in one direction and possibilities unfold."

To own your authority, the fact

that you are not singular

but multidimensional

will allow creative Energy exchange

in every aspect of your life

-Christel Janssen-

Your Instructor

Christel Janssen
Christel Janssen

Christel Janssen (the Netherlands). She is author and teacher. She teaches no- nonsense telepathy, and hosts retreats on Kauai. She helps individuals to get a whole new understanding of Energy: to bring back Choice in every aspect of your life and release all energy abuse. She hosts the Telepathic Writing Salon, a place to write from a Deep connection with yourself and others. She is the host of the Telepathic Writing Salon Podcast. She has been teaching Taijiwuxigong, Qigong with Spontaneous Movement, for 26 years, and has an amazing understanding of the Energy-Body connection.

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