The Energy Maturity Experience met Christel July 11 '22 Nederlands

Wil jij Flow ervaren in ieder aspect van je leven? Ieder energie misbruik beëindigen? Wil jij weten waar je energie werkelijk wil zijn?

Ja, ik doe mee!

Dit is de 24e keer in the Energy Maturity series

"Het bewijst keer op keer zijn eigen succes en werkzaamheid. Elke nieuwe serie heeft een nieuwe laag van verfijning, diepte en impact, vooral omdat elke deelnemer wordt aangesproken om je eigen energie in te brengen en deze tot leven te zien komen.
Persoonlijk geloof ik dat dit de toekomst van onze wereld is. Dat we ons zo bewust zijn van onze eigen energie dat we het voor ons kunnen laten werken, in plaats van tegen ons, ermee spelen in onszelf, een constante creatieve energie-uitwisseling met elkaar creëren, veel verder dan wat we ooit hadden zoals onze realiteit accepteerde. Dat wat ooit onzichtbaar was, is nu zichtbaar. En dat wat zichtbaar was, verliest zijn belang."
Christel Janssen
*deze serie vormt de basis van telepathisch schrijven
Christel Janssen


Are you ready to see where your energy really wants to be?

Are you ready to experience Flow in every aspect of your life? And build a new relationship with Time?

Are you ready to get out of any form of victimization?

Each Energy Maturity series stands on its own and is precisely tailored to what is going on in the group. This is what makes the sessions so special and intimate. (And why some participants have already entered 5 times!)
Energy maturity teaches you to recognize all energy abuse in your life: energy abuse to yourself, in relationships, the world, the way you deal with time, and your energy. You learn to feel what it really is what things, people, and situations do to you, you learn to completely step out of victimhood and dedicate yourself to what suits your energy. You learn how your energy can serve you.

Energy Maturity geeft het antwoord op de vraag:
Wat is de grootste kwaliteit die je kunt ontwikkelen in deze intense tijd waarin we leven?

Energy Maturity: Een absoluut vertrouwen in jezelf en je Energie
  • 6 wekelijkse live meetings on Zoom met Christel Janssen
  • start Maandag 11 Juli 2022
  • 8-9.45 am HST, 11-12.45 PST, 20-21.45 Amsterdam Time
  • wekelijkse korte meditaties met audio, en recordings van de sessie
  • Energy Maturity Workbook (online)
  • live sessiess: korte schrijfsessies en delen van het geschrevene
  • Total costs: 185 USD


"Beautiful themes came along for me. Especially finding your own "space" where you are completely okay, in full force and in full knowingness. Also realizing what you fragment energy to, victimization, and what you hold on to. I have regained confidence, drawing strength from simplicity. I also wanted to organize things, listen to music, make things. I never thought at the end of the course would have such peace and knowingness. It is amazing how the writing has helped me" B.M

"It feels like I have arrived at an important crossroad, I can't just keep going the old way but it really requires a new way. As if I perceive much more as if I have new gained senses. It is also a gathering point where I bring in all kinds of experiences from my life that were or are now of value. The writing has become such a valuable tool. There are overviews and insights. It is as if I am now at a point where I have a breathtaking number of possibilities. I only have to make a small movement in one direction and possibilities unfold." M.J.

"Wow, what a mega-powerful 'activation' that was for me... and it is indeed still working! I cannot yet say that I am best friends with 'time', but I do feel clearly how I can trust myself more deeply and what I determine in time and not the other way around...Anyway, I want to say a HUGE thank you for the container you create for the group, and for what you offer. It resonates so deeply for me and for my soul it really is a deeper coming home/anchoring." A.G

"I would like to say a special thank you for having the opportunity to dive into myself and write, and the other participants have been such fine mirrors in all their energy maturity. That makes me so happy"

"What has touched me very much is that I have struggled quite a bit in recent weeks, and it has been very healing for me that I could be present with that struggle and that the group was in their maturity so that I am doing much better. Ultimately, your maturity has brought me to my own maturity."

"I have experienced a lot of lightness in this group, the playfulness, the light that shone, light always comes back as a central theme for everyone. Everything has become a notch lighter as a new starting point."

"It was nice to see how we all had our thing once in a while, and now it's like we're really on a new level. Now the new level is more stable like we really landed in it."

Telepathic Writing

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Christel Janssen
Christel Janssen

Christel Janssen (the Netherlands). She is an author and teacher. She teaches Telepathic Writing and Energy Maturity. She helps individuals to get a whole new understanding of Energy: to bring back Choice in every aspect of your life and release all energy abuse. She hosts the Telepathic Writing Salon, a place to write from a Deep connection with yourself and others. She is the host of the Telepathic Writing Salon Podcast. She has been teaching Taijiwuxigong, Qigong with Spontaneous Movement, for 26 years, and has an amazing understanding of the Energy-Body connection. She is currently hosting Telepathic Writing Salons for students to write on a Bigger Body of Work. She is the author of Forty-Nine Days, a sensuous journey in the modern afterlife

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  Feminine and Masculine integration: The Energyvirus
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