Spontaneous Movement

Vibrant Live Classes Energy Communication with Christel Janssen In English en Nederlands

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"Opening and awakening your Energy will give you a renewed sense of who you are, your connectedness to things, and your unique place in life. Having a satisfying deep connection to others will establish a new trust in your path" Christel Janssen

Spontaneous Movement* helps individuals to get a whole new understanding of Energy: to bring back Choice in every aspect of your life and release all energy abuse. We assist in awareness of the Energy-Body connection an allow embodied enlightenment. This will open up telepathic abilities as a natural result. From the perspective that everything is your energy, you develop a new sense of ownership of everything in your life.

Our courses provide a safe grounded space for small groups to explore and expand their energy and with that your telepathic abilities in real-time. Every teaching about Energy is to serve you in your journey to allow a bigger reality to speak through you*. It will give you an understanding of what your 'default telepathic connections' are and how to change them. The foundation of Spontaneous Movement is Energy Maturity: Allowing energy to serve you.

*Spontaneous Movement refers to the spontaneous movements that develop in Taijiwuxigong as a result of an active DanTian, or our own inherent intelligence, in our cells and energy body that is ready to come in and create healthy information transmission, this will allow embodied enlightenment and opening of the senses.